Zombie shoes!!!

I'm pretty excited about these shoes. These cheap canvas shoes from Walmart were falling apart and I knew something had to be done. I knew it had to involve zombies in some way or shape....

These shoes are a dark grey as you can see so you can barely see the marker drawing on them. I gathered some pinspiration and saw some I really liked. I didn't really care that the images would match, but I liked the idea of zombies kind of eating your feet (I have seen slippers like that before).

Since the color was so dark I had to go in with whites so I could get a coat of that in, instead of going in with set colors. I'm using acrylics for all of the paint and some of the paint is mixed with acrylic gloss medium.

Some more color...

Here are the backs which are supposed to be the lower jaw and teeth. I wear slip on shoes oddly in that half of the time I don't have my heel fully in so it ends up being all crunched.

Trying to find zombie "color" has kind of always been difficult. You do not want the coloring to be life-like (like peaches and pinks) but you don't always want to go all out green either.

Here is Evan wearing the unfinished shoes and on the wrong feet of course. I kind of like them as is because they remind me of chalk drawings. But of course I've always had a hard time being able to tell when something is "done".

Blood is always needed.

Since I was going to use hot glue anyways because the shoe was coming apart in some areas on the sides, I thought I just make some 3d blood to finish them off.

And there it is! I wonder if there is an actual market for these...
If you paint shoes I recommend spraying a clear coat on top to somewhat protect them, but I still don't recommend getting them wet at all. Acrylic also has the tendency to crack on flexible surfaces when applied to thick which is why I didn't pile it on. Another good reason to use hot glue!

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