Motivation? Changes? :O

       No images on this post I'm afraid, just talking to the few readers if any that I have :).
So Evan is starting preschool full time this week, from 8:30 to 2:30 instead of 8:30 to 11 so now I have extra hours which I need to fill up with more things to do. All the more reason to get really focused on actually selling things instead of pouting around and playing games.
         The questions are: How much of what I actually make would be sell-able?

Should I be focusing on something super specific?   

How can I make something show that I have taken the time and attention of making it  even though I have taken the time and attention of making it? Is the product long lasting?

How the hell do you start a business when you don't really have money in the first place?

          I honestly don't know what I'm so afraid of... failure most likely. It's all an excuse isn't it? My therapist has been ever so gently kicking my butt into gear about this for the longest time now which is a good thing, as I have a hard time becoming motivated without someone having expectations of me.

       As a note this post has been sitting here for over a week. Completely silly....
I do have the images now anyways. Time for another post!