Zombie shoes!!!

I'm pretty excited about these shoes. These cheap canvas shoes from Walmart were falling apart and I knew something had to be done. I knew it had to involve zombies in some way or shape....

These shoes are a dark grey as you can see so you can barely see the marker drawing on them. I gathered some pinspiration and saw some I really liked. I didn't really care that the images would match, but I liked the idea of zombies kind of eating your feet (I have seen slippers like that before).


Holey tank top embelishments!

      A few things I was working on that are not in any way massive changes to the original clothes. Sometimes I just don't feel like letting them be, and when faced with thought of giving it away or throwing it out I might as well try to make it wearable again, with mixed results. I have three here that might be finished or basically done.

      This first one is a simple tank top that was already a tank top to begin with, so not much of a change in that regard. I added a few cut outs, which were like so "in" a year or two back. What I don't like about the usual cut outs is that it is left with raw edges which eventually loose shape and stretch out. I suppose the easy thing to do would be a small stitch around but leaving the edge bare, but I thought it would be interesting to do some colors that would pop out.

Not bad, although it depends on what is underneath as well....


cd holder turned hotwheels storage

So as with any of you with small boys know that hotwheels and matchbox cars are a pain in the butt to store. We have some cases for most of the ones Evan has, however for his birthday my father got him a set of 70 of these small cars. Besides buying yet another case or getting a tackle box, I tried looking to Pinterest for ideas on storage and there were some interesting ones, none of which I could make on hand with what I had. Well there was one involving toilet paper tubes but I knew in reality that would be torn to shreds in the manner of minutes. What I did have was an old cd tower. I looked for any heavy duty cardboard I could find as anything that bent too much would be unusable. Cardboard from sketch pads work well as did old book covers (another reason to save otherwise wrecked board books). I measured and cut accordingly and spaced them every three slots or so. Depending on your cd tower your pieces may not all be the same length, as the top was much more shallow and increased in depth as it went down. When they are all set just glue them in place. One thing I didn't do which would of saved time would have been to spray paint the inside a contrasting color, or even pre-painting your boards the color you want. The only reason I painted the inside blue wasn't for looks really as it was because I couldn't find any of my black paint. I'm sure there are many uses for cd tower re-purposing, if you have the need for small shallow shelves that is. Here are the pictures of it as of now.
As you can see I need a few more coats of paint but all in all I'm pretty happy with it!