Holey tank top embelishments!

      A few things I was working on that are not in any way massive changes to the original clothes. Sometimes I just don't feel like letting them be, and when faced with thought of giving it away or throwing it out I might as well try to make it wearable again, with mixed results. I have three here that might be finished or basically done.

      This first one is a simple tank top that was already a tank top to begin with, so not much of a change in that regard. I added a few cut outs, which were like so "in" a year or two back. What I don't like about the usual cut outs is that it is left with raw edges which eventually loose shape and stretch out. I suppose the easy thing to do would be a small stitch around but leaving the edge bare, but I thought it would be interesting to do some colors that would pop out.

Not bad, although it depends on what is underneath as well....

     For the next shirt I had a well worn and kind of tight and almost sheer shirt. I took off the sleeves because that's what was giving me the most trouble (damn fat arms). The cut outs on this one kind of come from the strap and gives it an interesting look. This is one of the few sleeves to tank top that I've actually liked.


       That shirt underneath is another tank that I only slightly altered. I meant to take the lace trim off the top and  just left it split instead.

This last one was this annoying polyester blend from like Walmart or something. One of those items of clothing that takes any loose hair you have and somehow embeds it into the fabric (???). I like the pattern and the length of the shirt was decent. Again I didn't feel like it should have sleeves. I don't know why really because I dislike my arms so why do I need to show them? Here is a before (that I had to find online because I didn't take a before shot of the shirt).

Well taking off the sleeves left an interesting but a huge neckline and armholes. I cut the straps in half and then added an other strap to each from the elastic on the bottom of the original sleeve. I braided it so I was left with smaller arm holes and a high front and back.  Problem is I think it made the shirt shorter.

So that is that! I am working on a few other projects...some with more clothes and also painting wooden boxes and I hope to post those soon!

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