some sort of refashioning happened...

I promised a post awhile back and just haven't gotten around to it. No excuses here for me. Seriously Evan has started going to Pre-K full time and what do I do? Play Minecraft. I don't know how being in a simulated world becomes almost more satisfying than being in the real world but that often ends up what happens. Ordinarily playing it by myself would not lend me to getting so addicted, but I found a really good multiplayer server I enjoy. Still no excuses for not posting and not doing much work.

Pants to skirt with a lace trim. The first one that I made, waist band cut off, zipper taken off and front flapped over to create a closure with an added triangle of denim stitched in the bottom to fill the gap. Though an interesting look I'm not entirely sure about how complicated it was to piece it together.