Things I don't know what to do with yet...

These are grounds for paintings and some scraps of ideas.

From some latex pours I was doing on things. Well mostly on a styrofoam skull I got on sale from Micheal's.

poppysed 037

This was what I was going to use for those wheels, however twisting hair in medium and trying to put them together didn't work as they were too stiff.

poppysed 038

This was supposed to be a ground for a scene in a bank where there is a plague happening. The red pour of stageblood and acrylic resin became too much to put anything on it.

poppysed 054

This was the second attempt at a ground for the same idea as above. But then I ended up liking it the way it is too much to do anything with it.

poppysed 055

I kind of like this one the way it is also. I think I put rasberry tea leaves on it for some reason.

poppysed 056

I got stuck with this one awhile ago...

poppysed 058

works in progress still...

I wanted to post these in small sizes so it wouldn't take forever to load. Just click on them for the larger size.

this with it's weave...

poppysed 035

concrete and hair again, this time broken up and piled.

poppysed 036

I decided to work this on wood to peice it back. There's a pour on top.

poppysed 040

This is also is mounted on wood. The images are kind of washed out.

poppysed 041

poppysed 042

poppysed 043

This one has gotten better so far...

poppysed 044

This one hasn't been mounted yet. For now its just hanging out on some scrap lumber.

poppysed 047

poppysed 048

poppysed 049

This is slowly coming along...

poppysed 051

I just started this work this past weekend. Its all at the very begining stages and done on parts of old multiplication cards. They're self portraits done based on assumptions of what I look like, therefore none of them actually look like me. I think there are about 74.

poppysed 030

poppysed 031

poppysed 032

studio sunset

Photos of sunsets are funny. I hate them when I see ones taken by other people, but I always love the ones I take. Sunsets are pretty sappy.

We will start with the pictures having to do with the sunset but not of the sunset. I used to love to take pictures of random lighting events.

poppysed 001

poppysed 002

poppysed 003

I had trouble getting a close up of this triangle on the wall, but the attempt shows an interesting progression.

poppysed 006

poppysed 007

poppysed 008

The windows are a weird shape. So that is where I went to next.

poppysed 010

poppysed 011

poppysed 024

poppysed 023

And now for the actual sunset!
The black hanging thing is something I randomly made a long time ago, and I like it in this pic.

poppysed 012

poppysed 015

poppysed 017

poppysed 021

poppysed 022

poppysed 026

poppysed 027


oh dear this is already outdated...

I have forgotten to post these images after I took them (which was when the last bunch was taken)and so all of these have gone though many changes as it is.

This has changed quite a bit. I think it is more richer now.

uytu 032

I would also like to note I am sick of people who sometimes question my level of technical ability, as I did not know there are still rules on rendering in painting. I suppose I tend to stay in the middle, not getting overly cartoon-like and not rendering the form to the fullest and realistic sense. Neither of these are in my mind as goals.

This painting has now been cut in a four part configuration, as well as a cat plague invasion. Whether they remain seperated or not is the question.

uytu 029

I think this is the 3rd or 4th painting on this canvas. Right now it is a ground and I don't want to work on it yet. Or maybe I dug myself in a hole of not ever being to work on it, since there is too much there already.

uytu 028

This one has changed alot since this picture. The rats are "the beginning of Watership Down" like and the boat more noticable. Trying to add another narritive into this is difficult.

uytu 026

These are up on the wall in a similar configuration. The top two might be another piece. My concern is how to mount them so they extend diffrent levels. Wood might be too difficult, foamcore or styrafoam might be the cheaper and easy alternative.

uytu 024

I have been told my work reminds some of Aboriginal art, and that I should be careful of that. It is not my intention to copy that nor do I think my work looks like that persay. It it something one is aware of but does not consciously make it a a point to mimic anything. But it is the automatic that I'm somehow seeking to create a narrative. Though their "Dreaming" concept is interesting, and some of my work can be seen that way in a ways and perhaps in a larger context (hopefully).


random studio nonsense

uytu 051

These are some things I'm pretending to work on using pill packaging as a mold (which doesn't work that well) and medium. The one above is tampon goodness. 

uytu 050

these are basically a bunch of scabs and hair.

uytu 048

I was hoping for the rust to leak through. I'm thinking about weaving hair into some configuration.

uytu 047

These keys I bought for 10$ at a antique store should be used for something eventually.

uytu 045

have no idea yet. I was thinking about making a lost cast mold with these filled with objects and resin.

uytu 041

uytu 039

muhahah studio door....

uytu 037

hair and cement. I'll figure out for a reason for this to exist.

uytu 033

my floor, which I'm awkwardly repairing...