studio sunset

Photos of sunsets are funny. I hate them when I see ones taken by other people, but I always love the ones I take. Sunsets are pretty sappy.

We will start with the pictures having to do with the sunset but not of the sunset. I used to love to take pictures of random lighting events.

poppysed 001

poppysed 002

poppysed 003

I had trouble getting a close up of this triangle on the wall, but the attempt shows an interesting progression.

poppysed 006

poppysed 007

poppysed 008

The windows are a weird shape. So that is where I went to next.

poppysed 010

poppysed 011

poppysed 024

poppysed 023

And now for the actual sunset!
The black hanging thing is something I randomly made a long time ago, and I like it in this pic.

poppysed 012

poppysed 015

poppysed 017

poppysed 021

poppysed 022

poppysed 026

poppysed 027

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