works in progress still...

I wanted to post these in small sizes so it wouldn't take forever to load. Just click on them for the larger size.

this with it's weave...

poppysed 035

concrete and hair again, this time broken up and piled.

poppysed 036

I decided to work this on wood to peice it back. There's a pour on top.

poppysed 040

This is also is mounted on wood. The images are kind of washed out.

poppysed 041

poppysed 042

poppysed 043

This one has gotten better so far...

poppysed 044

This one hasn't been mounted yet. For now its just hanging out on some scrap lumber.

poppysed 047

poppysed 048

poppysed 049

This is slowly coming along...

poppysed 051

I just started this work this past weekend. Its all at the very begining stages and done on parts of old multiplication cards. They're self portraits done based on assumptions of what I look like, therefore none of them actually look like me. I think there are about 74.

poppysed 030

poppysed 031

poppysed 032

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