random studio nonsense

uytu 051

These are some things I'm pretending to work on using pill packaging as a mold (which doesn't work that well) and medium. The one above is tampon goodness. 

uytu 050

these are basically a bunch of scabs and hair.

uytu 048

I was hoping for the rust to leak through. I'm thinking about weaving hair into some configuration.

uytu 047

These keys I bought for 10$ at a antique store should be used for something eventually.

uytu 045

have no idea yet. I was thinking about making a lost cast mold with these filled with objects and resin.

uytu 041

uytu 039

muhahah studio door....

uytu 037

hair and cement. I'll figure out for a reason for this to exist.

uytu 033

my floor, which I'm awkwardly repairing...

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