Just words for thinking (I think).

No images just yet of what I have been working on just yet, but maybe some rambling time instead?

I feel a sense of urgency to sell something, which is funny because I haven't set myself up to do so just yet. I have not advertised on Facebook or did anything to art page on there since I made it like two years ago. I have not set up an Etsy account, nor gone through specific local venues/galleries and say "here look at some of this stuff and maybe put it in your store/gallery", and I haven't looked actively for  craft fairs and so on.

There is a lot of anxiety in all of this that stops you before you begin.

It is kind of hard when set yourself up for "someday soon" and "maybe" thinking. Someday soon I will have enough stuff to have some sort of inventory. Someday maybe I will get better at one thing to perfection so it actually looks skillful. I have been spending too much time and not getting the level of craftsmanship that I would like.  Maybe when I gather all the pieces I have,  I finally can declare them done and move on. I'm tired of hoarding all of the things I make. What is the endgame here?

It is almost like my specific creative process sabotages all that.  Everything is experimentation. Having a shtick gets boring very soon, so if someone wants me to make 20 of the same thing... well I don't even know how that would be physically possible. Product consistency or an art piece? One of a kind (or OOAK in ebay speak but I always found that abbreviation really ugly looking).  It is amazing how many who create not so great things have so much confidence about their work.

(a few days later)

Not much in my thinking has changed though I really haven't thought about it. Perhaps I am spreading too thin and there is a need to concentrate.

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