belated halloween post coming soon...

Isn't that silly that I'm announcing a future Halloween post when I'm not posting any pictures (yet)? What I will post is steps to a Freddy Fazbear outfit and mask. If only there was someone not picky at which order external hard drives go on the computer.

 Another announcement is that due to my poor-ness and the increasing frustration people around me have I will be opening an Etsy shop sooner rather than later. Some of the reasons of the delay are my own motivation to do things, being confused about the process of paypal/etsy connection in general in trying to set up a business account (is that even necessary at the moment?), anxiety over shipping things, and being unsure of the quality of the images. That being said much of the stuff shown on here previously will be going up . I hope to get this done THIS WEEK.

That being said. I would like to state that I am not against the idea of having a job per say, but against the idea of having one that makes me resentful of living.

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