belated halloween FNAF mask!

So one of my recent making endeavors included a mask of Freddy Fazbear, whom if you don't know is the lead character of a very creepy and successful indie game series, Five Nights at Freddy's.

It all started like most masks, paper mache on a balloon...

 Using a combination of masking tape, newspaper and shopping bags I started to make the shape I wanted.

I painted to try an get an idea of  colors to use eventually. Also adding the teeth, nose and some semblance of eyebrows. The issue I had during this whole project was trying to keep symmetry, and by the end you'll notice how lopsided it ended up being.

Here I darkened the areas that needed to be and also started using layers of fabric to cover the mask, the same fabric used for the costume. Another issue was the lumpiness of the paper and glue pulp I used to fill in the cheeks with. I would really suggest using a blender of some sort, like if you were making paper, to get a finer consistency.

 Here is the final result. As you can see it is kinda lopsided, and he could at some points not see clearly out of the mask but it was finished. The hat was made with tp rolls and cardboad covered in fabric.

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