Five Nights at Freddy fever

Evan and I have been pretty obsessed with this series and for x-mas I wanted to make him a set of figures done from felt. It wasn't much of a surprise as he saw me make them and he kept playing with them before they were finished. I think these were for the most part successful even though there things I would change about them.
More here!
  Some close ups...

Freddy and Chica having a good time. Obviously I did not use a pattern or even make a generic one to follow, so sides are not symmetrical and end up having different sized limbs  or patched together areas where
I couldn't get things to fit right...

Bonnie and Foxy.

The puppet

The derpy security guard with the obvious mismatched limbs. I also made him a mini tablet and a freddy mask.

The Mangle, which by far was the hardest to structure. I personally don't think it is finished but Evan says it is so I'll take his word for it.

Next time some refashions and painted shirts I did for Evan!

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