Pictures of what I have done. (you thought I was never going to post these didn't you)

At least I hope so. 3 months later and I finally do something. Isn't that horrible? I hope the images come up...

No idea what this octopus person's deal is. I thought it came out well despite painting acrylic on glass. The coloring is mostly sharpies that I utilized the bleed through and the fact that it always smears on glass to my advantage so the paint itself is really just white with some medium added in. Great for when you want a variety of colors but don't feel like mixing a bunch of paint.

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This I had done awhile ago. I'm pretty sure the container used to be carnation instant breakfast. Luckily my grandparents had so much stuff left over from their camp arts and craft classes from the 60's or I wouldn't have these great colored wood tiles.

Hallloween-ish isn't it. It started to look more and more like the vampire creatures from The Strain show so I ended up calling it the strigoi jar. The inside is painted in a flesh color so it cannot be used for food. Actually I'm not so sure I can put anything inside of it.

These are all ones I have previously thought were done but kept changing them. In fact I'm wondering if I have posted them before....

A few designs on what used to be nut cans. Hardest issue is deciding what to do with the lids. They are kind of painted as an afterthought, though if someone were to ever want these there has to be more consideration to the lids. Especially thinking of the wear and tear lids normally go through and the lack of adhesivness of the acrylic on plastic.

I always see diy bracelet cuffs whether it be for kids paper mache on it to fancier craft ideas. This is probably neither as I had Halloween on the brain. I wrapped a large cardboard ring with this horribly sticky gauze and painted over it and then cut into it making wounds. I never wore it for Halloween or in public in general. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make cuffs like these "fancy" enough.

One day I was pretty stupid and accidentally left this wooden mortar and pestle set in water after Evan was done experimenting with chalk an homemade sidewalk chalk paint. Needless to say it fell apart and cracked so I could never really be used to grind anything again. I pieced it back together anyways to make some weird relic looking thing.

Painted metal bookends that have not been put to use by me at all. Gaping monster mouths was the first thing that came to me if I didn't feel like adding anything and just painted on them.

Simple and mishmashed letter plaques that you can find in any craft store. It finally hangs near his bed. Why do I have such an issue with cohesiveness?

I had to seriously laugh at these after I cut them up. I thought they would make cool containers (if I left the pieces as lids) or maybe a succulent planter (which would be ill advised due to the paint). I have seen so many variations of these on Etsy and Pinterest, but now they are hilariously barely useful knickknacks. Perfect for what, wrapped candies? Thumbtacks and paperclips? I have no idea. but I do enjoy the red insides.

I found a good use for all of those junk magnets you get. You know like the old yearly calender ones and the injury lawyer ones you find in every phone book. Since these magnets are so thin you can't actually attach anything on top of it (except for googly eyes of course) so I painted them instead. They are all first thought doodles, quirky and slightly horrifying. They are slightly less finished in the images than they are now, mostly added in black outlines and such. If anyone knows of a person who would ever buy these let me know. haha.

So that is basically it for now. Stay tuned for a few new refashions, Five Nights at Freddy's figures, and my insane love affair with Coca-Cola holiday orb bottles.

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