So what happened?

Whatever happened to this blog anyways? Mild confusion really. It is always said that you should stick with a topic and go for it but as of late all of my "making" is pretty spread out while not being satisfied to the point where I feel like things should be shown to the public. There are no excuses because I am continually making things, though sporadic, it is the quality of those things I do have issues with. Instead of focusing on something to increase the craftsmanship of something that could be a product I move on to something else. Lately I have been very interested in refashioning. Finding Refashionista.net online has brought up many ideas and motivations to make remake clothes. Interest in refashioning has always waxed and waned for me. I remember in highschool (I think) when huge flares were popular and I did some jean extensions with old sheets. While an undergrad in college Project Runway was a new show then and it was so exciting to think about making clothes. THINK is the key word, not make. I am pretty sure I tried to make a few things sans sewing machine...I even made my own duct tape form. Things quickly fizzled out, probably do to lack of patience and frustration. So here I am again, attempting to refashion some clothes. No sewing machine again. I don't know maybe I like torturing myself? Usually it is just detail oriented things I have been doing like cut outs, shirt to tank tops and so on, nothing too major and with stuff I already have. Imagine my excitement in Salvation Army where I found something I could really and honestly refashion. A muumuu. Let me tell you something upfront. I am fat. Size 24 fat. So you have to take that into consideration when you are doing anything relating to clothes. In all honestly the biggest sizes you are going to find in any thrift store is your size. So I am left wondering what I could do when I see thinner women taking huge clothes to them that are my ordinary size and fitting them into something sleek, sexy and flattering. Should I just stick with minor details or try to work on something completely ridiculous and hard? So anyways I found this muumuu for half off ($2 and some change). Why was it ever worth $4 something is beyond me. Do they look at any of these clothes before pricing them? I apparently don't look hard enough because not only where there a few light stains but a cigarette hole in the pocket and on the dress itself. I cut off the sleeves and trimmed the fabric off from there making spaghetti straps (screw up #1, one of the straps twisted and I did not notice before attaching it). I then proceeded to shorten the arm holes haphazardly and patching the ciggy hole. Made an uneven sash from the extra fabric and cut some inches off the bottom because I figure it would do better as a top. I ended up cutting out the pocket so the seam is messed up from that. Not bad for a first major try with no sewing machine. Will I plan better next time? Probably. If there is a next time...

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