Well hello again from the depths of toddler hell.

Just kidding, mainly anyways. I need to remind myself that this is my art blog (that I never post in), and not a mommy blog. My facebook page is littered with every single thing Evan does as it is, hilarious or not. I am sure it will creep in here as he makes up a main part of my day.

Looking through the lists of artists for the upcoming Whitney Biennial has made me crave art just a little bit more, as well as feeling slightly more stupid than before. It feels like I've always turned wrong somewhere on a constant basis. What is the point of doing something when you do nothing with it? I will not and can not blame Evan in any way (and I really hate it when parents blame parenthood for not living up to their dreams that they had beforehand). I guarantee you that it would have been the same way if Evan wasn't here. Thats just how it goes. I just need to use my free time better and not play Sims Social...

Anyways I've been doing more sampling still, odds and ends and yet still more small drawings. I don't know what these drawings are exactly, seems like it is just added confusion on top of confusion. Attempting to make a Mr. Potatohead like face for Evan to stick face parts on but its not going so well. I am very tempted to do something else with it, because I think once Evan gets his hands on it he'll just rip the velcro off. I'll figure it out.

I just noticed that this post is almost exactly 2 years after the last post, a couple of months before Evan was born. Kind of made me laugh, especially at the thought that the last post was probably all hormone driven.

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