a vent

fuck everyone (again) Especially retarded hipster pseudo artists who have nothing better to do than make stupid ironic comments and want to "enlighten" their audiences with their so called knowledge about the world but the only ones who see it are other retard hipsters. So fuck your crafty do it yourselfers and your felt and your gun jewelry (this last part had nothing to do with the show). You are all singlehandedly ruining everything about art. Lets not forget about all the conceptual bullshit that everyone pretends to care about. Trends these days made popular by these failures at life is all part of some inane circle jerk and ass fucking. I hope you all die. (the end)
on another note,
I'm taking pics of the show this monday along with other pieces that should have been in the show in order for it to make more sense but the museum people are a bunch of Nazis.

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