possible thesis?

Well I haven't posted here in like two months. There was really no reason for me not to however. Well except for a few things, such as my camera being on loan and computer problems and such.

Anyways... I do have some idea for a thesis.

I'm going to do what I should of been doing all last semester which was continuing on those small portraits but in various ways. What I wanted to do all last year was to take various pictures of myself to print on cards. I think I'll still be doing that, taking tons of pictures of my face done up oddly and mask like or contorted or what not. Then I shall work on them and then make more cards of those! So it would be like a continuing degrading work and I suppose almost self generational. Self portraits but not (which I like the idea of). I also wanted to do large painted portraits but I'm not sure if they would be based on some of the pictures or alternate selves. Alternate selves as online selves. Some examples of that could be of my Second Life character, my old main on WoW and so on. Problem is that its very limiting not in portrayal but the options of variety (being that those could be the only sources I come up with). I think it would be appropriate for the small portraits radiate around the larger ones, though for a exhibition I don't know how I could accomplish this.

Also with this, though it may be too ambitious is to utilize the samples and object remnants along with this as another segment.

more on this later. prepared to be amazed.

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