Well over a year later. Some new happening!!

First off I started, with the help of my brother, an Etsy page! FINALLY


It has dolls I have been working on and developing.

I have had a deviant art membership for 10 YEARS. And I actually posted one of the dolls.


I know it is somewhat backwards but I'm coming up with stories about them and a universe to live in. I'm hoping to develop it enough. Got some good ideas, perhaps something on youtube maybe?


belated halloween FNAF mask!

So one of my recent making endeavors included a mask of Freddy Fazbear, whom if you don't know is the lead character of a very creepy and successful indie game series, Five Nights at Freddy's.

It all started like most masks, paper mache on a balloon...


belated halloween post coming soon...

Isn't that silly that I'm announcing a future Halloween post when I'm not posting any pictures (yet)? What I will post is steps to a Freddy Fazbear outfit and mask. If only there was someone not picky at which order external hard drives go on the computer.

 Another announcement is that due to my poor-ness and the increasing frustration people around me have I will be opening an Etsy shop sooner rather than later. Some of the reasons of the delay are my own motivation to do things, being confused about the process of paypal/etsy connection in general in trying to set up a business account (is that even necessary at the moment?), anxiety over shipping things, and being unsure of the quality of the images. That being said much of the stuff shown on here previously will be going up . I hope to get this done THIS WEEK.

That being said. I would like to state that I am not against the idea of having a job per say, but against the idea of having one that makes me resentful of living.


Minecraft art. Also I hate blogs like this.

You know ones that update once every 5 months?

I was reminded to come on here because I needed images of things from way back when in 2009. I'm also feeling the pressure of needing to sell things....or *GASP* get a 9-5 job. Even though I feel like I do things everyday. Now that E is back in school full time I need to be doing SOMETHING.

To satisfy the one person who may come on here I did some flat minecraft pixel art. Meaning in a 128 by 128 block area I placed blocks down so when you make a minecraft map it shows up, and therefore you can place the map on your wall making a painting. For any of you that play minecraft you know how tedious this might be, and doing so in survival makes it much harder.


some sort of refashioning happened...

I promised a post awhile back and just haven't gotten around to it. No excuses here for me. Seriously Evan has started going to Pre-K full time and what do I do? Play Minecraft. I don't know how being in a simulated world becomes almost more satisfying than being in the real world but that often ends up what happens. Ordinarily playing it by myself would not lend me to getting so addicted, but I found a really good multiplayer server I enjoy. Still no excuses for not posting and not doing much work.

Pants to skirt with a lace trim. The first one that I made, waist band cut off, zipper taken off and front flapped over to create a closure with an added triangle of denim stitched in the bottom to fill the gap. Though an interesting look I'm not entirely sure about how complicated it was to piece it together.


Motivation? Changes? :O

       No images on this post I'm afraid, just talking to the few readers if any that I have :).
So Evan is starting preschool full time this week, from 8:30 to 2:30 instead of 8:30 to 11 so now I have extra hours which I need to fill up with more things to do. All the more reason to get really focused on actually selling things instead of pouting around and playing games.
         The questions are: How much of what I actually make would be sell-able?

Should I be focusing on something super specific?   

How can I make something show that I have taken the time and attention of making it  even though I have taken the time and attention of making it? Is the product long lasting?

How the hell do you start a business when you don't really have money in the first place?

          I honestly don't know what I'm so afraid of... failure most likely. It's all an excuse isn't it? My therapist has been ever so gently kicking my butt into gear about this for the longest time now which is a good thing, as I have a hard time becoming motivated without someone having expectations of me.

       As a note this post has been sitting here for over a week. Completely silly....
I do have the images now anyways. Time for another post!


Five Nights at Freddy fever

Evan and I have been pretty obsessed with this series and for x-mas I wanted to make him a set of figures done from felt. It wasn't much of a surprise as he saw me make them and he kept playing with them before they were finished. I think these were for the most part successful even though there things I would change about them.
More here!